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  • How Do I Measure My Ring Size?
    To measure your ring size, wrap a piece of string around the base of your finger as tight as you want the ring to be, and mark where it overlaps. Remove the string and measure in millimeters as accurately as possible how long the piece of string is up until the mark. Then use the image below to find which one it corresponds to! If you are still struggling, don't hesitate to send me a message in the live chat, on the contact form, or a DM on Instagram (@ringsbyrebecca).
  • What Ring Sizes Can You Do?
    I custom make all of your rings into what size you ask for! You can request a size in whatever sizing your country measures in (e.g. German size 16.5, UK size R, US size 8, Pandora size 52 e.t.c.)
  • What If My Ring Doesn't Fit?
    Whilst I cannot offer a refund or exchange if your ring does not fit you, I can offer a resizing service at a small cost of just £5 + Postage. Please note that I can only resize your ring to make it into a smaller size, and not a larger one! Please send me a message on my "Contact Me" form, or send me a DM on my Instagram (@ringsbyrebecca) if you require this service!
  • Will The Rings Turn My Fingers Green?
    The majority of the spoons I use to custom make your rings will not turn your fingers green as thery are stainless steel/silver. However, some are more antique/vintage than others and may be coated with an Nickel Silver (EPNS), which may temporarily turn the area underneath your ring green, depending upon how your skin personally reacts to different jewellery. To stop/minimise this, you can add a small coat of clear nail polish to the inside of your ring, which in turn stops the underside from being oxidised, and thus turning your fingers green.
  • How Often Do You Update Your Webiste With New Rings?
    I often update my webiste with new rings roughly every 3-4 weeks. However, if you follow my Instagram @ringsbyrebecca and turn on post notifications, you will be notified of when they are going to be posted so you don't miss out!
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